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In an always connected world the draw of “live” brings you passionate audiences engaged with your content.

Whether it’s a multi-camera live sports shoot or single camera live press conference feed, 8Live has the experience and the technology through LiveU or Satellite to deliver programming and content reliably at the highest standards.

Newspaper and New Media Services

As well as offering fully trained crews to the traditional broadcaster, 8Live also has strong offerings to non-broadcast customers providing live press conference and report feeds to newspapers’ websites, Facebook Live and YouTube Live accounts. This offers huge opportunities for non-broadcast media organisations to deliver their audiences “as it happens” live content to their mobile devices or computers.

These feeds can be either exclusive or non-exclusive. Non-exclusive feeds keep costs extremely low and affordable, generating excitement and buzz around your website and social media.

Services for media Organisations


Broadcast Crews:

Qualified professional broadcast crews working daily with major broadcasters. Equipment available includes PMW500 and although based in the North of England can travel to any location.

LiveU Uplink:

We can provide instant live broadcast feeds through our LiveU units. The units have up to six 4G/LTE modems as well as optional KaSat feeds.

Satellite Feeds:

With 5 flyaway KaSat units available for short-notice day or long-term hire we can have you quickly up and running in remote locations outside mobile coverage areas.

Multi-Camera Shoots:

With experience of live to TV multi-camera shoots, 8Live can fully produce your live event at affordable rates for every kind of media organisation.

Facebook Live and YouTube Live:

Need a live feed to your Facebook or YouTube Live accounts? Give us a call for a quote we can provide any level of production from just a single camera. We’ll find a solution which matches your budget.


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